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Best Pet Flight Nanny for Pet Air Travel

 / Best Pet Flight Nanny for Pet Air Travel

Pet Flight Nanny for Pets and Transport Services

The Pet Porters offers the pet service for domestic and international pet air travel destinations. A is a professionally trained pet travel expert that knows how to transport your pet to destination safely while keeping you informed through the pet's journey to its destination. Learn more how to take advantage of this professional Pet Flight Nanny service from The Pet Porters.

1. What is a Pet Flight Nanny

What is a Pet Flight Nanny? A trained pet care specialist who provides one-on-one care of your small pet while traveling in-cabin on a domestic, commercial airline. The Pet Porters are air travel experts and experienced pet handlers that know how to navigate the challenges of flying with a pet. We are licensed, insured and Pet CPR & First Aid certified. Your pets safety and welfare is our #1 priority.

2. How Does the Pet Service Work

This service caters to small snub*nosed pets, puppies and kittens at least 8 weeks of age, under 18lbs and able to fit comfortably in a soft sided, TSA approved carrier under the seat in front of the nanny on the flight. Our Pet Flight Nanny will pick up from your residence or meet at a designated time at the airport to obtain custody of the pet.

3. What Supplies are Included

Supplies requested include: toy, food, treats, vaccine record and current health certificate
Supplies provided may include: IATA approved carrier, harness/leash when needed; calming spray, chew toy, treats, pee pads, bowl, water and pet wipes

4. Updates are provided during travel

Updates are provided periodically for the duration of travel. Pets receive 24-hour care while in the custody of The Pet Flight Nanny. Upon arrival the pet will be delivered to you at the agreed upon airport or delivered right to your door. This V.I.P. service will ensure your pet is well cared for during travel and give you peace of mind that your pet will arrive safe and secure.

5. Want to do your own Pet Nanny Service?

The Pet Porters offers “how-to” personalized a-la-carte consult service. This service will give you the knowledge and confidence to bring your pet with you on your domestic flight. The consult service will save you hundreds of dollars in logistics fees and is available to those willing to move their pet on their own but simply do not know the process. In-cabin consult services include: tips for how to successfully book your flight; selection of IATA approved kennel; pro supplies list; document review/timeline; the check in process; how to manage TSA screening and time to fly tips and tricks to help make the flight as smooth as possible for both you and your pet.

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We specialize in domestic and international pet transport with the safety and well-being of your pet as #1 priority.

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